WFMU & FBI Radio ID’s

WFMU & FBI Radio ID’s

• So, I've become a FBI [Face Book idiot]. I've been FBI [Following Bindi Irwin] and how these days she's FBI [Free Basing Ice] as she is depressed and FBI [Forever Bereaved Irreparably] due to the FBI [fishing boat incident]. You know, the one where her FBI [father brought it] on himself when the stingray that was FBI [feeling boxed in] and he ended up with a FBI [fishy barb inserted] in his chest. In her FBI [family's best interest] she went with him that day even though she knew her FBI [father's Bogan instincts] were because the FBI [family's badly inbred.] Just before Irwin jumped off the boat Bindi said 'don’t worry Dad, you WFMU [won't find mantaray underwater], only stingrays, and they're FBI [fairly benign innate] creature. Apparently he said to her 'Crikey Bindi, I'm FBI [feeling bloody iffy] about diving in that water' as he remembered what happened to his WFMU [wife's friend misfortunate uncle] and his FBI [Filipino bride Irene] as they WFMU [were found murdered unnecessarily] after Irene's FBI [flimsy bikini indiscretion].

• This was later reported on 60 minutes by FBI [foxy blond interviewer] on there expose on the seedy side of the FBI [Family Businesses of the Irwin’s] which also discussed about his sexuality and that he might have been FBI [Forlorn Bi-sexual Introvert]. 60 Minutes had unearthed that Irwin was FBI [Fallible Bodgie Individual] that he had been worried about his sexuality for some time because one day he suddenly found WFMU [women's fuzz mightily unappealing], especially when Sharon Stone uncrosses her legs in that FBI [film Basic Instinct]. He starts to FBI [find bisexuality irresistible], especially WFMU [when foreign men undressed]. For a while he hung out with FBI – [Foot Ballers Intentionally] so that he could meet the WFMU [winger from Manchester United] Christian Ronaldo. But he found his FBI [full Brazilian irksome] as he thought WFMU [waxing for men unnecessary].

60 Minutes also discussed Irene’s death and whose FBI [friends blamed Irwin] for the her death. He originally said it was a FBI [fatal botox injection] and in a later statement he said it was a FBI [Funnelweb bite instead] even though the police FBI [found both impaled] on the FBI [fence behind Ikea]. WFMU [Whoa, fucking messed up!] said one of the cops who didn’t want to be FBI [Frightened be Identified] on camera. But when questioned by police, Steve said 'I'm FBI [feeling bereaved, inconsolable] and I’ve been WFMU [weeping from morning until] night. And my daughter didn't do it so please FBI [free Bindi immediately]. The police FBI [found both innocent.]

60 Minutes concluded that Irwin had much to answer and that in there FBI [Full Blown Investigation] that Irwin was much as responsible for his own death and FBI [Forever Being In] Memoriam as he was of Irene’s FBI [Fatal Brain Injury]

• Hey Hey Hey Calm down & sit down here on FBI – Furniture by Ikea and FBI – Feed Beetles Iodine / as FBI Frankly Beatles Impersonators – sux.

• I have a bone to pick with you – that your friends FBI – Fred Barney Imitate & copy those boys from SMN - especially how they behave on stage during the FBI - Fake Bass Instrument come Gazoo come Air Guitar come 78 BPM toy drum come FBI – Flamboyant Blubbering Incognito singing la la la la out of tune solo.

• Hey Guys – Have you heard the good news. I have just joined WFMU – the Women’s Flamenco & Moshing University

• Hi I am Fred and I’m a bit of an FBI – Fumbling Boring Introvert – so I choose to do my crazy stuff behind closed doors by tuning into FBI with SMN.

• Hey – it’s your FBI [Famous Beckham Impersonator] here & I have a few things to say to all those Marilyn, Elvis and Billy Joel impersonators FBI – Fast Brief Impressions of the real thing is Bull*#@t – as you have not been chosen to FBI [fraudulently mime inanimate] object – but to live his or her life like a WFMU [Wasted F#%*n Misfit Unbeliever]

• Hello – this Gyno Colo Gist here and I’m a bit concerned on behalf of the SMN twins – who are worried about the increase in mothers FBI - Feeding Babies Incandescent Twisties with every packet of FBI - Fried Beancurd Insects.

• To the boys from SMN – I can’t make it to the studio this afternoon – as I went out on a FBI – Full-on Bender Indeed last night / helping John Elliot pay back his legal fee debts – but I woke up this morning with a FBI – Full Body Inside-out hangover – as I forgot how potent FBI is – Foster Beer Intoxicates.

• Oh God your FBI stinks – Farty Breathe Indeed.

• Oh Gess Lars – that FBI – Fierce Brilliant Insult was a bit over the top. I mean the FBI – Fat Bloated Ignoramus is only doing his best FBI – Fuck’n Best Isn’t he.

• You know what makes me feel really good – is when I am down at the McKaraoke Sausage Bar with FBI – Fred Bob & Ian - & we sing that Dire Straits tune ‘Fistin by the Pool’ – I feel like punching the air and yeah – why not – while I am at it - FBI – Fistin Bottoms Indeed.

• You’re on FBI radio – a Fresh Broadcasting Institution – but there is a few things that annoy me about FBI – that it FBI – Frequently Broadcasts Irregular which could make FBI – a Forgotten Bad Institution.

• FBI here – Foot Ball Inflated - & I will never understand why someone as FBI – Famous (as) Maradona Inspires children when most of the time he takes his shirt off showing his FBI – Fleshy Beefy Indulgent pot belly and he then has the hide to FBI – Flagellate Bottomburps Identically the way that FBI – Feral Billy Idol does.

• Hi – it’s your new age Aquarius here and I just want to know how FBI – Fake Buddhists Incite such hatred towards us true believers – and our – FBI’s – Fine Beautiful Inanimate objects usually made from FBI – Fairytale By-products (of) Ikea.

WFMU - We Find Metallica Unlistenable – especially ‘after you wanted the best – you got the best’ FBI – Friendly Band INXS who put on the best WFMU – We’re Fondly Mimicking U2 show.

• FBI – Fondling Bono’s Instep

• FBI – Funny Bono’s Irish

• WFMU – While Father Michael Urinated he FBI - Felt Blue Inside as he remembered the good ol’ days when he FBI - Found Babes Irresistible. But deep down he liked to FBI - Fondled Boys Instead and especially he FBI - Fancied Bearded Individuals.

But questions still remain WFMU – Why Father Michael Uninhibited & FBI - Frighteningly Burst In WFMU - While Finding Mary Unfaithful to her husband. She was WFMU - With Friendly Mr Underwood who was WFMU - Wearing Fairly Moist Underpants. But WFMU – While Father Michael Understood that WFMU - Waiting For More Undressing he could also incriminate himself on FBI - Foto Broadcasted Internally to FBI – Friendly Bishop Ian. But he was willing to take the risk so that he could get a bit more of FBI – Female Body Insulin. This was part of his sexual FBI - Fantasy (of) Bi Intercourse. Being a FBI - Fairly Belligerent Individual and always dreaming of doing it WFMU - With Frisky Men Underneath, or WFMU White Faced Mailmen Undressing with of course some FBI - Front Bottom Intercourse. WFMU - Wild Father Michael Indulgences didn’t end there as he then would love to WFMU – Wax Front Midriff & Underarms. All the while the WFMU - Whistling Folk Music Upstairs filtered through the upstairs FBI – Floor Boards Infirmary.

But the WFMU - Whole Family's Mostly Unconcerned as the WFMU – Whirlwind aFfair Mary Undertook was WFMU – Wilfully Frequently Messy Union which FBI - Father Bernard Incarcerated recently because that FBI – Filthy Bishop Ian who was the recently voted WFMU – Worst Father Minister Umpire who will be FBI - Forever Be Incarcerated.

• Hey – it’s FBI here (Feral Billy Idol) – and I have to tell you that being a – FBI (Filthy Burping & Insulate) ain’t easy. Burp. At ya!!

• Hi I have rung into WFMU – Wishing Freddy Mercury’s Undertaker a Happy New year - & a WFMU – Weeping Festering Malignant Ulcer.

• Hi I am down at the McKaroake Sausage Bar with those SMN twins where they have mixed there cocktail concoction with WFMU Warm Fanta Made Undrinkable. But by God - that WFMU Warm Fanta Mixes Unexpectingly Well with some of Mrs Mckaraoeke own WFMU - Warm Fruity Milky Unfrozen concoction.

• Hey Guys. Are you coming over later to watch WFMU – Watch Fleetwood Mac Unplugged.

• Look you can’t blame it on WFMU – Wilmer & Fred Moral Upbringing – as they were only trying to WFMU – Wedge Forty Moist Unpossessed pieces of corn on the cob down Fred boxers shorts they nobody would notice that WFMU – Wilmer Flintstone Mother’s Ugly.